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Dog Treat Subscription Box $30

Dog Treat Subscription Box  $30

Subscription-only Boxes
This is a box of treats the one shown is an example of the $30 box, they come in $40 and $50 boxes
Boxes will have a mixture of Chews and bags of treats and or treats on factory sale.
If you have a puppy or an old dog who cannot chew hard things or a dog with an allergy to a certain protein then please leave me a message in the box at check out.

Please note treats will come in a regular box (the one shown is for photographic purposes only) I am sure you would rather have more treats in your box that me having to factor in a fancy box as well :)

Note: if you are not getting this on the subscription you will get treats in a box you can choose the $10 $20 or $30 add ons



$30.00 each

Dog Treat Subscription Box $30 - $30.00

You can get this product on subscription! Simply choose an option from the box below.