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Golden Venison Stix bundle

Golden Venison Stix bundle

They are ideal for when you have to leave your dog behind- usually he/she won't even look up as you go!
Deer Stix are golden, air dried tendons of deer.
They are made from strong protein fibres: very natural, nourishing and chewy
There are no additives, preservatives or added salt.
Deer Stix are an all-natural, all NZ product from Central Otago.
Not messy.
Don't splinter like a bone
Provide essential chewing exercise
Great entertainment for puppies
Aid teeth & gum health (by removing plaque)
Can be fed to relieve anxiety when you leave your dog
Suitable for dogs with food sensitivities
Provides natural, unprocessed nutrients

3 Stix per Bundle



$5.00 each

Was $5.50
Golden Venison Stix bundle - Was $5.50 Now $5.00