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Venison Paddywhacks Bundles

Venison  Paddywhacks Bundles

Venison Tendons Dog Chews Mixed Size

They love the taste and smell and eagerly chew them.

They are the neck tendons of deer, with a crunchy surrounding of prime venison meat.

Not messy

Provide essential chewing exercise

Great entertainment for puppies

Aid teeth & gum health (by removing plaque)

Can be fed to relieve anxiety when you leave your dog

Suitable for dogs with food sensitivities

Provide natural, unprocessed nutrients

2 to 3 Tendons per 65gram min Bundle

These are similar to the Venison Golden Sticks and Venison Tendons, they are ungraded so can be a mix of tendons with Meat on and ones without, they do tend to be more crunchy chewie than chewie. (not that I have tried but my quality controllers have)



$5.50 each

Venison Paddywhacks Bundles - $5.50

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