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Venison Tripe 100g

Venison Tripe 100g

Non allergenic, high proteins, low fat. Great for those requiring anything hypoallergenic

Green tripe is stomach lining in its natural unwashed state from a grass-fed animal.

Tripe for dogs and cats, they go nuts over it.

What’s so Special About the Green in Tripe!

Green tripe, unlike tripe that has been bleached and processed for human consumption, is extremely rich in nutrients, enzymes, gastric juices and bacteria that have many health benefits for dogs and cats. Tripe is made up of muscle, organs, and bone. It’s great for dogs of all ages, and especially good for dogs with sensitive tummies and any fussy eaters.

Green Tripe Health Benefits for Dogs and Cats!

  • Green tripe contains lactobacillus acidophilus (lactic acid bacteria). This is the good bacteria or natural probiotics needed by intestines to wage war against the bad bacteria strains of e-coli, salmonella, and listeria.
  • The enzymes in green tripe are good for helping with your cat or dog’s digestive system.
  • The Omega-3 and Omega-5 essential fatty acids in green tripe are at the right levels to help with preventing diabetes and using fat efficiently.
  • The amino acids and minerals in green tripe support your pet’s muscles, joints, immune and circulation systems and brain function. These include amino acid chelate minerals such as iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate and copper proteinate.
  • Tripe is also a good course of crude protein and many vitamins, including folic acid B vitamins.
  • Green tripe also has a rubbery texture that is great for strengthening jaw muscles and helping with keeping your pet’s teeth clean.

Green Tripe Kidney Disease Dog

Green tripe is a great food if your dog has kidney issues or kidney disease.

Green gripe has low phosphorus levels which a dog with kidney problems needs to keep low, but also a lot of the other nutrients needed to be in the best possible health. Also, because it is mild tasting, dogs that may have a low appetite aren’t put off by a strong taste while they are chewing.

Stinky ( Dried not as stinky as Fresh) but Delicious! Green Tripe for Dogs

There’s no denying it, to a human nose green tripe smells bad! Dogs and cats, on the other hand, will usually run towards you in leaps and bounds, if it’s on their menu.



$7.49 each

Venison Tripe 100g - $7.49